Certificate of Proficiency

Practical Evaluation


In this section, you’ll be required to submit a video of you performing a microneedling treatment either on yourself or a friend. Your submission will be evaluated by Microneedling Academy and you’ll be provided with a detailed feedback report and findings based on your microneedling skills and knowledge.

The primary goal of the practical exam is to evaluate your microneedling technique and give you the necessary feedback and guidelines to confidently perform the treatment on clients.

The secondary goal is to evaluate your knowledge regarding treatment protocol and the use of the appropriate professional skincare products for the various skin challenges and conditions. Once you’ve successfully passed the practical exam, you’ll be rewarded with your Certificate of Proficiency in Microneedling.

In order to complete the practical exam, you must have passed the online quiz and have your Microneedling Academy Certificate of Completion.

Here’s a list of items you’ll need to use and display in the practical video:

  • Dr Pen Microneedling Device or similar (you can use a microneedling device brand of your choice)
  • Dr Pen 11-pin, 12-pin or 16-pin needling cartridge (you can use a different preferred brand needle cartridge)
  • EMLA or Medinumb¬† numbing cream (small or sample size available from your local pharmacy)
  • Plastic anaesthetic wrap (available from selected salon consumable suppliers)
  • 1 x Mop Cap / Head Band
  • 1 x Pair Disposable Gloves
  • 1 x Disposable / Material Face Mask
  • 1 x Alcohol Swab
  • 2 x Round Yellow Facial Sponges or 4 x Round Cotton Discs
  • 1 x Mild fragrance-free cleanser
  • 1 x 30ml Pure fragrance-free Hyaluronic Acid Serum or Vitamin C Serum or pure plant-based Stem Cell Serum
  • Pure Aloe Ferox Gel Recovery Product

Approx Cost: $180 USD (dependent on your preferred supplier)

IMPORTANT: Always use products from a reputable professional skincare house. Also adhere to their specific needling protocol and product use for the various skin challenges. Do not mix products from different skincare houses.

Microneedling Academy will be evaluating and looking out for the following areas and topics that should be covered and discussed in your practical video. Please be as fully prepared as possible, as your video submission will showcase your understanding, knowledge and skill to perform a microneedling treatment professionally. You are allowed to submit a practical video up to 2 times.

  1. Your Workstation

Display your workstation which must include the products and equipment to be used in the treatment.

2. Client Consultation

2.1 Discussion: Consent form and signature, including notes regarding your client

2.2 Discussion: Explanation of the treatment, how microneedling works, treatment protocol and the importance of follow-up treatments.

Make sure your client fully understands the Consent Form, how microneedling works, what they can expect during the treatment and why a minimum of initial treatments are necessary to start seeing visible results. Informing and educating your client will help manage accurate client expectations.

3. Client Skin Evaluation

3.1 Determine if the client has thick or thin skin and state why you came to this conclusion.

3.2 Determine and client skin challenge to be addressed

3.3 Determine the appropriate serum to be used for the skin challenge and state why.

3.4 Determin the appropriate size of needle cartridge to be used.

4. Hygiene and Preparation

4.1 Clean and organized working environment

4.2 Appropriate use of gloves and mask

4.3 Toweling and disposable sheets

5. Treatment Protocol

5.1 Cleansing

5.1.1 Product/s used, technique and thoroughness

5.1.2 Toner (optional)

5.2 Skin Sterilization (product used, technique and thoroughness)

5.3 Anaesthetic

5.3.1 Topical Anaesthetic Cream Quantity Application technique and thoroughness

5.3.2 Plactic Anaesthetic Wrap Application technique and thoroughness Time

5.3.3 Anaesthetic Removal (technique and thoroughness)

5.4 Needling Serum

5.4.1 Choice of needling serum and why (Even if you needle with a Vitamin C serum, Hyaluronic Acid serum or Stem Cell serum, please tell us abouth the client’s skin challenge/condition and the appropriate prefessional needling serum to use.)

5.4.2 Quantity

5.4.3 Application

5.4.4 Thoroughness

5.5 Needling Treatment – Technique and Face Mapping

5.5.1 Matrix technique: Upwards and Across

5.5.2 Perpendicular motion

5.5.3 Gliding motion

5.5.4 Needling speed

5.5.5 Needling depths

5.5.6 Covering all areas

5.5.7 Consistent needling across all areas

5.5.8 Zebra stripes or not

5.6 Recovery Product

5.6.1 Choice of recovery product and why

5.6.2 Quantity

5.6.3 Thoroughness

6. Aftercare Protocol Discussion

7. Scheduling of follow-up treatment

When you feel ready, record your microneedling treatment and submit your Youtube video link in the form under Practical Evaluation in the Course Section of this website. Record your video using a digital camera or mobile phone. You do not need a professional video recording setup, but please ensure you have appropriate lighting and sound quality for us to evaluate you accurately. This is your time to shine!

Here’s how to upload your video to Youtube and submit the video link to the form below:

Step 1

  • Record your video (no longer than 45 minutes) on your mobile phone or digital camera. As mentioned, please ensure sufficient lighting and sound. It is good to make use of a Halo light if possible.
  • Soft background music is allowed, but should not impair the sound when talking. Avoid private talk with your client whilst filming your practical video.

Step 2

  • Go to YouTube and make sure you are logged into your Google Account.

Step 3

  • Click the (+) icon to upload the video from your mobile phone or click “Create” and then “Upload Video” if you are making use of a desktop.

Step 4

  • Once your video is uploaded, enter a video name and short description. Please try and include your own name in the video title.

Step 5

  • Make sure you select your video as “Unlisted”. This prevents your video from being indexed and showing up in YouTube’s search results.

Step 6

  • Once your video is published, click the “Share” and copy the short YouTube link.

Step 7

  • Sign in with your Microneedling Academy login details and complete and paste the YouTube link in the provided form under Practical Evaluation. DONE

Once you have submitted your practical video, you can expect to receive your results and evaluation report within 5 – 7 working days.

When you have demonstrated the necessary skill and knowledge to perform microneedling professionally, you’ll receive your Certificate of Proficiency along with an evaluation report. If however, Microneedling Academy found there are certain improvements, you’ll be allowed to submit a second practical video, showcasing the implemented criteria we have provided in the evaluation report.

Applications for the practical evaluation are now open until 15 November 2021.

Practical Evaluation Application

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