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Microneedling: A Type of Percutaneous Therapy

‘Percutaneous’ is a big word, but let’s clarify its meaning first. According to the Oxford Dictionary, it means: ‘made, done, or effected through the skin’. Microneedling is a form of Percutaneous Therapy which forms part of the skin renewal therapies. It uses the body’s own amazing skin healing capabilities to renew and revitalize the skin again. When performing Microneedling you are putting an active ingredient, (a type of serum), with a microneedle through the dermis which is the active layer of the skin. This is a non-evasive manner of entering the skin on a micro level and causes no damage to the top protective layer of the skin, the epidermis.

When needling the skin, there are two types of needling: Dry Needling and Wet Needling. Dry Needling is also known as Nano Needling and is performed using no active ingredient like a serum. Wet Needling is a Collagen Induction Therapy and is performed using an active ingredient like a serum. But we’ll discuss these different types in more detail a little later in the program.